Let's do this!

Showing up on a start line is not a solo event. 
I get to race because of my amazing team of sponsors, coaches and family.

Waterfall Racing is a diverse team full of athletes from all over the world with all sorts of abilities. It has been a privilege to grow and race with the team! I love seeing teammates out on course working towards and crushing their goals. Come join us!

Making the decision to work with Superfly Coaching has been one of the most influential and positive choices of my career. I've experienced tremendous growth being coached by Adam Zucco who has the same goals as me...championship level podiums.  And we are getting closer! I’ve experienced steady upward progress and excited to see how far we can go. 

As any long time athlete knows, finding peak performance goes beyond the physical daily grind of training. It is as much mental, if not more. One of the greatest things I've learned in sport is "free the mind and the body will follow." I began working with Brandon Thielk last year when I felt my mind was holding me back, not just from performing my best, but from being the best version of myself. The work we have done has been life-changing. Brandon focuses on the mind-body connection and identifying the root of the physical and mental discomfort so we can be free to be the best humans and athletes possible. If you have questions about the work I've done, please feel free to reach out and ask! I'm an open book. Check out his programs in the link below. You. Won't. Regret it.

Do you know that feeling when you are out in the trails or out riding your bike on a beautiful day when the endorphins hit and you are overcome with how cool nature is? It's a surreal experience when you think about the relationship between the body and mother nature: your body provides an incredible vehicle to explore the gift of our earth on two feet or two wheels. Yes... this is is a big thought... but finding that appreciation for where we live and play is a reason I am thankful to partner with bambÅ« werx. This small family owned and operated business creates sustainably made sports apparel that allows this relationship to thrive in a way the gives back to our playground. Check them out with the link below and use DANI20 for a 20% discount.

Precision Fuel & Hydration has been instrumental to my growth and success as an endurance athlete. Not only has the team provided high quality products to fuel my success, they have provided valuable education and guidance on how to implement a strategy that is specific to my needs. If you are in the process of fuel planning for your next race, check out their free fuel planner on their website and reach out to them for a free 20 min chat. If you want to try their products, feel free to use TM-DANI15 for a one-time use discount. Best of luck in your fueling adventures!

Dedicated to developing the fastest kits in triathlon, Surpas is committed to maximizing comfort and speed so the athlete is equipped to race as fast as possible on race day. The sister company, TRIMTEX, equips athletes with high quality, high performance sportswear to train in all conditions. They specialize in custom sportswear for teams and clubs. If you are interested in outfitting your team, please let me know! Also, if you are interested in trying out their products and need to know where to start, I'm happy to help. 
Not coming from a swimming background, It has been challenging finding a wetsuit not designed specifically for a "swimmer". UNTIL, I found the Sailfish wetsuits and swimskins. The Sailfish wetsuits include max buoyancy in key areas such as the hips and legs. The liner is extremely flexible allowing full range of motion and limited fatigue in the shoulders. All my fastest times have been swam in the Sailfish suits. If you have questions about them, please feel free to reach out. Also, you can use SFA-DANIELLE20 for a discount on their website.

Finding the right seat for your bike is just as important as finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans...Not too big. Not to too small. Doesn't chafe. Could wear them all day without thinking about them. Just perfectly comfy and matches the demands of the day. Your bike seat should be the exact same. ISM saddles are designed to ensure your health, comfort and performance. I've ridden ISM saddles for the past several years and my sitter has never been happier :-)

The Sur family is full of tremendous athletes because these athletes know the product works! Their two supplements have become integral to my training: AltRed and Sur Immunity. AltRed is a plant based nutrient that lowers blood lactate levels, allowing me to train and race harder and faster. Sur Immunity is a full-spectrum antioxidant that targets free radicals and keeps me healthy so I can perform at my best. Use DANIELLE15 at checkout for a discount on these awesome products!
Every race, you can bet that I have a Stamina Pro patch stuck somewhere on my body! The patches are electrically charged with elements from use natural ingredients known to reduce inflammation. Less inflammation means quicker recovery and faster racing! They also make sleep patches which aid in deep, fully restorative sleep. These are probably my favorite product because who doesn't love sleep? :-) Check em out and use TEAMLEWIS15 for a discount.  

Interested in joining the team?

If you are interested in joining the team and growing together, please let me know! It is my desire to partner with people and companies who believe in me and I in them.